A Cashless solution to increase your event revenue.



Increase expense per person

Reduce considerably purchase waiting times and increase expenditure by up to 30% per person.

Get to know you customers better

Sales reports and knowledge of your clients´ movements in real time..

New income channels

Including unused funds after refunds, activation fees and more.

Reduce cost

Save money, master your inventory control and reduce theft with the elimination of cash.

Cashless payments made easy

Improve your attendees´ experience, increase your event revenue and take control of all your event’s transactions and information.

How does it work?

Your attendee will purchase a ticket online and a wristband is sent via post, or, better yet, the attendee can also be sent information on how to collect their wristband upon arrival at the event.

Your customer will be able to pre-load his/her wristband prior to the event. The money is held in the customer´s account and transferred to their wristband.

Attendees that haven’t pre-loaded their wristbands can do so at the event via top up stations set up at your event. These payments can be made in cash or card.

RFID Technology

No Internet, no problem!

Boleticash RFID scanners work independently and can work without the use of an Internet connection.


More time to enjoy your event

Boleticash makes it quick and easy for your attendees to purchase food and beverages at your event, so all they need to worry about is having a good time and enjoying the show!

Quick and secure payments

Queue reduction

Experience optimisation

No need to carry wallets

Better reviews of your event

Your staff

Once you start using Boleticash, your staff will notice the increase in speed at which they are able to process their transactions.

Increase in impulse buys

Simplify balances and payouts

Quicker sales

Sales reports in real time

Fun for the whole family

You will be able to link several wristbands to a single account, so all expenses will come from the same pocket.

Link several wristbands to an account

All transactions will be debited from the same account

You will be able to obtain individual and group data

Access control

Eliminate ticket fraud at your access points, speed up entry to your event and take full control with Boleticash.

Speed up access

Reduce your access queues allowing more time to just ENJOY!

Crowd control

You will receive capacity reports directly to your phone in real time.

Audience reports

You will be able to see which areas your attendees visited.

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